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Is pole dancing the new retirement sport?

When I told my partner how inspired I was by this video, his first response was ‘where do you want the pole?’

Greta Pontarelli is 66 and killing it!

She is able to carry out these moves on a skinny, slippery pole, at the age of 66 – that is an amazing achievement.

This incredible performance immediately makes me want to step up my own fitness level. After all, if someone else can do it, why can’t I?

Pole dancing as a retirement sport?

I considered putting pole dancing skills on the bucket list. Imagine the fun you could have showing off in a retirement home. Beats watching television, anytime:)

Maybe one day. For now, I decided to watch it for motivational, rather than aspirational, reasons.

I am happy that when I watch Greta’s performance it gives me the motivation to go to the gym. As impressive as it would be to be able to pull off these moves at my age, feeling inspired is good enough for now.

For other ways to keep yourself young, check this out how to grow younger in your sleep.

Here is one of Greta Pontarelli’s routines on the pole. Grace on a stick.



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How to grow younger in your sleep

grow younger in your sleep

How much of an impact do you think sleep has on the rest of your life?

If you are thinking, yes, I get it, sleep is a significant issue, but I’ve got more important things to worry about – go to the back of the class. Sleep is not just something your body does on auto-pilot. You need the best possible night’s sleep to be the best possible version of you. Simple. To be productive, to lose weight, to be happier, to have more energy, to be more successful………for all of this, sleep is vital.

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How the placebo effect works when it comes to sleep

The Power of Perception

the placebo effect

Good morning

Are you surprised to learn that your perception of how well you slept last night makes a difference to your performance the next day?

A study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found this surprising result. If you merely believe you got a good night’s sleep, your cognitive performance gets a boost the next day!

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Boost your mood by regulating your neuro-transmitters

Dopamine and Serotonin – the mood regulators

Brain pathways for mood regulation

Pathways for mood regulation


This is why you feel low in energy, depressed, unmotivated, or tired but wired and never happy with what you achieve.

The levels and the balance of just two neurotransmitters will make a big difference to your feelings, your mood, your emotions and energy levels every single day of your life.

Simply put, neurotransmitters communicate information. Both dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters that regulate certain brain activities, moods and feelings. You can boost your mood by taking actions that positively impact the levels of those two neuro-transmitters by following the suggestions outlined later in this post.

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Anti-aging therapies targeting senescent cells: Facts and fiction

Anti-aging in a pill?

Anti-aging in a pill?

Are we there yet?

Science is moving along rapidly trying to discover the fountain of youth by exploring ever more promising anti-aging therapies. One of the theories about what contributes to aging involves the damage caused by senescent cells (permanently damaged cells that lose their ability to divide and accumulate with age) to surrounding tissue. The next step is to find a compound that removes these damaged cells as well as a strategy to rejuvenate existing tissue.

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