restoring your sleepWelcome!

Change Your Sleep. Change Your Life.

You’re in the right place if you want to:

  • wake up bursting with energy
  • feel motivated and look forward to the day
  • look bright eyed, rested and refreshed
  • feel focused and productive
  • jump out of bed with energy and enthusiasm
  • feel excited about the day ahead
  • easily stave off junk food cravings
  • enjoy a calm, stable and content state of mind
  • increase your happiness and enjoyment of life
  • improve your memory and concentration
  • keep off that extra weight

 Start by restoring your Sleep

I am a true believer in the restorative power of sleep. If there is a miracle cure, or a fountain of youth, it is deep, restorative, regenerating sleep. When you can’t get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, everything else you try to do – eat right, exercise, lose weight, stay calm and focused -becomes much more of a struggle.

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After a good night’s sleep you’ll see life as fun, exciting and full of potential.

Everything is possible. You are not dead yet. Live your dreams.

Sleep is a key to staying young. Sleep well and your journey into the next few decades doesn’t have to mean a long, slow and painful slide into decrepitude, aging and decay.

You can live a longer, younger, healthier and happier life.

It is possible to keep optimum physical and mental functionality well into your fifties, sixties and the decades beyond. There are new breakthroughs in anti-aging research all the time and aging can now be slowed, prevented and even partly reversed. Sleep is the foundation to all that.

In the second half of your life you might realize that no, you’re not going to stay young forever.

You are not going to stay slim with no effort.

Your strength and fitness will fade away, quite possibly in tandem with your enthusiasm for living to 100.

Make a change. Change Your Sleep. Change Your Life.

You don’t have to rely on drugs or surgery to stay, and feel, young. You can regenerate your mind and body naturally and in some cases more effectively than with surgery or drugs.

Choose how you want to age

As they get older, many people have a fear of ‘slowing down’, a steady decline in health, and becoming a burden to their families. Pain can become a part of daily life. Serious diseases like cancer or heart disease are waiting just a little further down the road. Many equate old age with decrepitude.

Not me. And you shouldn’t, either.

I was at the beach some time ago. A woman, somewhere around her late fifties, early sixties, walked on by. She was wearing a figure hugging black swimming costume and she drew attention. She looked strong, but not with the overdeveloped muscles of a body builder, and she moved with ease and an effortless grace.  You couldn’t help but look at her. There was a radiance, a glow and an energy, about her. She clearly wasn’t young, but she was stunning. Gorgeously and gloriously alive. That, to me, is truly beautiful and ageless.

The difference between life and death is – ENERGY      

We all know people who do not look their age, who appear much younger than their years. The seem to have more energy, more vitality, more life-force.

You might have been wondering why that is so. The interesting answer is that people who look younger really are biologically younger. They will live longer and healthier lives than their much older looking counterparts. Looking younger is an inevitable side effect of managing the aging process and restoring your body to a more youthful and vital state.

When the outward signs of aging start to make their more noticeable appearance the first approach is often to resort to purely cosmetic remedies. The bathroom starts to resemble a top of the charts collection of the latest anti aging remedies in a jar. They all promise a lot, but few of them deliver much, if anything, in the way of noticeable results.

Concentrating on appearance only is a short lived approach. Because you can’t cheat nature. Health, vitality, energy and beauty does come from within. And the right quality and quantity of sleep will restore all of you.




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