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How Vitamin D can help you sleep

Vitamin D affects Sleep


Vitamin D makes a difference to the quality of your sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, have you looked at how much  sun exposure you are getting, or not getting?

Do you follow the widespread advice to stay out of the sun because of a fear of developing skin cancer? When you enjoy a beautiful summer’s day out in nature, do you make sure you use sunscreen, wear protective clothes and top it off with a hat?

Congratulations. That will stop your chances to get sunburn. Unfortunately, it also stops your body’s ability to produce good levels of Vitamin D.

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What’s the best form of Magnesium to help you sleep?

Best form of Magnesium for Sleep

Magnesium is essential for many processes in the body. It is particularly important for that deep, restful and energizing type of sleep you may remember from your childhood. But what’s the best form of magnesium to take?


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