8 week results on Retin A – does it work?

What are the results on Retin A?results on Retin A

The benefits of topical tretinoin on human photodamaged skin were first observed in middle-aged women treated for persistent acne. These women described smoother, less wrinkled skin in addition to the clearing of acne. There were clear improvements in skin texture, wrinkling, pigmentation, and sallowness.

If, like me, you have not only sun damaged and wrinkled skin but also suffer from the occasional break out and large pores, this is great news.

So I decided that a Tretinoin preparation would be a sensible product to include in my personal anti-aging kit. I bought a generic brand (might as well save money wherever possible) Tretinoin gel 1.0% on the 6th of October. Because I picked a higher strength version, I only applied the gel every third night initially.

What happened next

As expected, there was some redness and quite noticeable peeling at first, but that settled down nicely after 2 to 3 weeks.

Even during the first couple of weeks I noticed that my skin started to look better. After I applied the gel every third night for a month, I decided to up the frequency to every second night.

Again, the skin peeled and was irritated with patches of redness for the first two weeks after the change. Nothing I couldn’t handle, and it was really only noticeable if you looked at my skin close up.

A good BB cream with an SPF of 30 covered it all up nicely during the day and added protection and moisture at the same time. If you like BB creams, the best BB cream I have ever come across is an amazing organic product from MG Naturals. It’s called Organic Airbrush Miracle Beauty Balm and you can check it out here

After a a total of 8 weeks I am extremely pleased with the results.

This product has offered more bang for my buck than anything else I have ever tried. It has made a noticeable difference to the appearance of my skin.

The Benefits so far

  • Fine, crepey lines are already far less noticeable
  • Skin tone is clearer and more even
  • Sunspots and discolorations are fading
  • Skin texture is finer and much smoother
  • Pores are smaller. My skin looks much better even with no make-up on!
  • Skin looks slightly plumper and healthier overall

I am amazed at the noticeable changes and very satisfied so far. The good results are due in part to the synergy between a product that encourages cell turnover and regeneration (Retin A) and a good anti aging cream/serum to provide the skin with the right building blocks to renew itself.

A serum/cream with the right ingredients will help make sure the emerging new skin is healthy, plump, moist, radiant and strong. There is little point to tear down the old structure and not supply the right building blocks for a strong,  healthy new skin structure.

To achieve the look of youthful new skin, it’s important to chose a product that promotes and supports collagen synthesis. One of the best products to do that  is ‘Collagen Serum’ by the company ‘Skin Actives’.

You can check it out here It’s budget priced but includes scientifically proven actives that you will usually only find in products with a price tag of a few hundred dollars per jar.

Note: Some people can’t use topical tretinoin because the side effects can be major skin irritation. This is not a problem with retinyl esters, like retinyl acetate. They also work well, don’t have serious side effects and don’t require a prescription.

If you are concerned about the side effects of tretinoin and other synthetic forms of vitamin A, effective alternatives are available. I have tried the Vitamin A Serum with retinyl acetate by Skin Actives (, and there are no side effects at all. However, for me personally the results were not as dramatic as they are with the product containing tretinoin.

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