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Weight Loss

What you need to know about the Healthiest Diets

the healthiest diet

Health is not a fad, but a lot of information about health is.

When it comes to health and weight loss, the information available today is overwhelming. It’s also often contradictory. And if that isn’t bad enough, there are plenty of doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, and, yes, celebrities, all weighing in with their own special ‘secrets’ to perfect health. So what’s the healthiest diet? What do you really need to know?

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8 week results on Retin A – does it work?

What are the results on Retin A?results on Retin A

The benefits of topical tretinoin on human photodamaged skin were first observed in middle-aged women treated for persistent acne. These women described smoother, less wrinkled skin in addition to the clearing of acne. There were clear improvements in skin texture, wrinkling, pigmentation, and sallowness.

If, like me, you have not only sun damaged and wrinkled skin but also suffer from the occasional break out and large pores, this is great news.

So I decided that a Tretinoin preparation would be a sensible product to include in my personal anti-aging kit. I bought a generic brand (might as well save money wherever possible) Tretinoin gel 1.0% on the 6th of October. Because I picked a higher strength version, I only applied the gel every third night initially.

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