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Can lack of sleep cause palpitations?

Sleep is a near miraculous cure for just about anything that ails us. Conversely, a lack of sleep, either quantity or quality, will cause a multitude of problems. One of these problems are palpitations, or skipped heart beats. If you’ve ever suffered from palpitations you will know how they can make life miserable.

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A simple Sleep Checklist

sleep checklist

Have you read Stephen King’s ‘Insomnia’? How about ‘Dr. Sleep’?

Both are about a subject that’s close to my heart. Sleep. And I am a lifelong fan of Stephen King.

As a storyteller, you can’t beat him. In my opinion, that is. You might well feel different about that 🙂

Sleep is still shrouded in mystery. Despite decades of research, reams of study and plenty of speculation, science is still not able to answer the basic question; why do we sleep, and when we sleep, why do we DREAM?

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What Glycine can do for Sleep


Too wound up at night to fall asleep easily? Glycine has a calming action and a slightly sedative effect. This works well when you need to relax. It helps switch off the thoughts that keep running through your head and keep you awake long after you go to bed. Here is what it does for your sleep, and how to take it.

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Sleep Tips

How to Nap the right way. Anytime.

how to take a nap

It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you’ve had a busy day. You’ve managed to sit down for a bit to relax – and your eyelids are slowly closing. Your mind drifts off. It feels rather pleasant. Sleep is waiting just around the corner. But hang on a minute! You’re at work, and a nap is a no-no. Falling asleep at the office desk is generally not considered a great career move. Unless you are working for an exceptional organisation, the boss won’t be impressed. So you force yourself to get up, grab a coffee, and something sweet. After all, there is nothing like the two punch combination of sugar and caffeine to kick a tired brain back up a gear or two.

If that’s what you are doing, you are going to wear yourself out sooner or later.

The question is – is there a better way? 

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How Vitamin D can help you sleep

Vitamin D affects Sleep


Vitamin D makes a difference to the quality of your sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, have you looked at how much  sun exposure you are getting, or not getting?

Do you follow the widespread advice to stay out of the sun because of a fear of developing skin cancer? When you enjoy a beautiful summer’s day out in nature, do you make sure you use sunscreen, wear protective clothes and top it off with a hat?

Congratulations. That will stop your chances to get sunburn. Unfortunately, it also stops your body’s ability to produce good levels of Vitamin D.

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